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From the streets to your couch! Creating mock-up scenes on 3D Studio

First of all, I am no teacher. I am not going to talk to you about the technical side of things (If you want to know how I make my visuals, I swear by the 5SRW method. Go ahead, check it, they really know how to teach stuff: Learn V-Ray | English). This entry is more about showing the creative part of things. You do have to know how to make the visuals, but knowing WHAT you want to show is equally (if not more) important.

This are what we could call the ‘final shots’, where I am quite happy (but never completely happy, there is always room for improvement) with the composition, the framing, the lighting and the materials.


But, until reaching the ‘quite happy’ stage I had to go through my process of trial and error. Once upon a time I had a teacher who was surprised by my levels of productivity, I told him that the reason behind them was that I have to ‘make things to see if they work’. I don’t come up with the answer in a fit off inspiration. Usually I have to try several things before finding the one that works.

Of course there’re design rules that are universal, about composition (we want to sell a product, keep it simple and start with a central perspective) and colour (remember, you have to have something of a focus point, and some contrast for depth, and take into account that the dark colours are heavier than the light ones)

But in the end, and most prominently when you are working without a real client to make demand- I mean suggestions, you have to trust your instincts and go with what you really like. And THAT really is the hard part.

Getting back to the post at hand, I knew what I wanted, a mock up scene in which I could showcase some of my surface patterns designs. And, honestly, I think that for that site I would go with the first one, where the wallpaper is the only material on the scene. But the visualizer on me refused to leave the scene unfinished, and so the search for a nice, finished picture begun,


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