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Let’s get Unreal!

For some months now I have wanted to star to work with real time visualizations. I have always enjoyed playing videogames, but my all time favorite are the Final Fantasy saga, and was fastinated with the worlds they created. As of late, I have fell in love with Monument Valley, but that’s another concept of animation altogether (and the reason I started to look into After Effects, that is what I should be doing right now, but that is another story) After some research, I have decided to start with Unreal Engine. They have free use of the engine for arch viz, and then there is also this:

Unreal Paris by Benoit Dereau. 

The camera movement may be a little clunky if you are no used to video game’s platforms, but that’s the thing, this is not a video, this is a virtual reality scene where the user can go wherever he or she wants to go.

It took him 7 weeks to create, including his introduction to the engine. Another thing that was new to me was that the sound in part of the scene, and for that he counted with the help of Mael Vignaux, composer and sound designer. For more detail on the Building of Unreal Paris you can go to the Unreal Engine Blog for an interview with the artist himself.

But, if you really want realism, you should check his visualizations, like this one of the Nakagin Capsule Tower (by Kisho Kurokawa)


Oh, and later they made a cinematic opening!

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