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Learning Visualization on the web (I)

Not going to lie. The only way I know that really works, not only to learn, but to master, a skill is practice. And for that you need time. Lots of it.

But, you have to start somewhere.

In my case, I started with some classes at a local academy 6 years ago, and they were ok for learning the bases of the programs (I already knew Autocad, so it was mostly 3d Studio and a little bit of Vray). And, you know, being able to do my own visualizations for the final project of my architecture studies:

(Please, do not laugh out too loudly)
How cute were they? I was in a hurry and hadn’t opened the 3d max in six months, I couldn’t even remember how to apply textures! At least I knew a bit of photoshop, so I could insert some backgrounds, vegetation and people. And in case you were wondering, I passed with flying colours.

But the thing is that it wasn’t until I was working on 2 or 3 visualization projects a month that my renderings skills started to improve. How? With lots and lots of time spent searching the web for tutorials on lighting, vray, composition, photoshop…

(My first ‘bucolic’ visualization. Just had to spent 3 days learning about photoshop adjustment layers and their blending modes)

vivienda - orense 01

Then one day you discover that this is called architecture visualization and there is a ot of people sharing their knowledge on the web. When I was startting on the job and didn’t have that much time or money, the internet become my best friend on the field of architecture visulization learning.

Truth is, each visualization that I do is better than tha last one, and althougth I keep learning new things on weekly basis, I feel that I am in a good enough place to start giving some useful advice.

IMG 01
So, after this “short” introduction, I bring you a list with some of the sites that, even now, I use as a source of visualization knowledge:

(Follows on the next post, this one was getting a little bit too long)

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