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It was a matter of time before I started writting about Architecture, Visualization an Photography.

In English.


So, why say ‘Hello’ now when I have been shraring my works here since last year? Well, before now I considered this site as an online portfolio and only an online portfolio. But It has been some time since I wanted to share some of my thoughts and knowledge with the world (the world, that sounds big), and I feel that now is the right moment to do it.

The truth is that in the begining I was thinking about writting it in spanish (my mother tonge), then I thought: if you really want to share it with the world, you are going to have to speak on the international standard.

And let’s be real, if you are only half serious about being self taught on the internet, English is the lenguage to go.

Summing up, among other things expect tutorial recomendations, theorical ramblings (don’t be surpraised if I start talking about ‘virtual photography’) and inspirational references.

I don’t know where this will take me, but without a doubt the journey will be interesting.

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